Hostels are a haven for a backpacker. They are a great option for accommodation when on the road as they can be affordable and social.

So, here are few hotel tips that you should keep in mind before hopping to a hostel.

1.     Research about the place before arriving

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Before booking a hostel the goal is to know exactly what you’re getting and what you’re not. Breakfast? Wifi? Laundry?

Don’t just run into booking a room which appears to be in the right location or at the right price. And if you are travelling alone, do a thorough research in case of your safety. Read about the hostels reviews on web to get a rounded view of the place before booking your hostel. For more independent locations, Hostelworld and Tripadvisor are your best friends.

2.     Sharing toilets and maintaining hygiene-

You should, however, prepare yourself  for shared bathrooms, though private hostel rooms may have an rooms may have an en suite. Hostel bathrooms usually start the day clean, but you may be sharing with double digit numbers of backpacks who do not share your bathroom habits, hygiene practices (whatever they may be), or bathroom cleanliness standards.

3.     Take care of your valuables-

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If your hostel doesn’t provide lockers, it’s smart to keep your backpack locked with padlocks. While it’s usually only front-loading backpacks that can be zipped up, and thus padlocked, you can still place all your valuables in your daypack and attach a padlock. If you’re traveling with a lot of technology make sure to keep as much of it hidden as possible — don’t sit in the common room with your laptop, camera and hard drive, advertising that you have lots of money and are worth targeting.

4.     Watch your sleeping habits-

Remember you are not staying in a hotel room. So, it’s better to compromise with your late night sleeping habits so that you are not a trouble for your dorm mates. And if you find someone else doing the same, then, earplugs can be a great defense.

5.     The Kitchens-

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Remember this is not a hotel. If you are using the kitchen, you are expected to clean everything. And dry it. And put it back. But please be thorough. People will hate on you for doing an inadequate job.

Also, because it’s a shared kitchen, just bear in mind the amount of dishes you really need to use.

6.     Don’t be shy-

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Don’t be shy. Just like you, the other travelers are strangers to each other. So, go on. Most hostelers are more than happy to have a stranger join their conversation, so don’t be shy. Introduce yourself at breakfast and share your plans for the day.

7.     Follow the hostel’s basic etiquette-

Always take care of your hostel’s basic etiquette. Use headphones in the room, don’t turn on the lights at night (use a small flashlight instead), never use something that belongs to your roommate. Keep smelly food outside the room, be efficient with the bathroom, keep your area neat (or at least contained) and if you have the top bunk, hang towels or other items over the foot of your bed, not the side.

8.     Bring Earplugs-


Shared rooms will never be completely noise-free, so bring some earplugs to get the deep sleep you need.