By- Amisha Singh


HosteLavie Jodhpur


Travelling without any friends can be really boring sometimes. Exploring places alone is interesting but making new friends and learning about their experiences always adds to the fun. And as they say – “the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.”

A hostel is a great place to find your tribe; well you have the opportunity to live with other people which would lead you to your new friends. Here’s how:


  1. Stay in a dorm

instead of staying in a private room, book a bed in a dorm. Get out of your comfort zone, don’t say that you can’t live with strangers Because that’s how you’re going to get your lifetime friends.


2.Be the ice breaker


better be the one who gives a smile than the one who doesn’t. Go on, take the first step, start the conversation, who knows you guys have the same interests and end up being great friends.


    3. Participate in games and events

 Now, don’t be a wall flower, what’s the fun in not being a part of the event. Remember, the more you participate, the more people get to know about you.


   4. Always keep a deck of cards

 Well, you never know when you’ll feel bored, but a game of cards will always be your savior and the reason that it needs more than one player provides you with the opportunity to interact with someone else whether you want it or not. Besides, it’s always fun, so there’s no way you’re not going to like other person’s company.



5. Share stories

 So, what’s the best thing of being in a group of people don’t know anything about? Their stories! That’s the best way to learn about people and we become wise by hearing about other people’s experience. We can always learn from them


 6. Learn a skill from that place


wherever you go, learn a skill that place is known for. If  it’s their special recipe or to play a instrument. You’ll have to interact with locals of that place and you’ll get deeper knowledge about their culture, and guess what? If you ever visit that place again, you’ll get a friend with benefits (not in that way though).


7. Be curious

Stay curious, ask people more questions, try knowing more than a tourist would know. If you’d show interest in them, they’ll show interest in you. Be a good listener. After all, who doesn’t like a person filled with passion


8. Take a walking day tour

take a walking tour of the city, you’ll meet other travelers there, people like you, people who are fun, people who are interesting and the ones who contains knowledge of different places. You’ll find all of them there, definitely a great idea to meet your tribe.


9. Travel solo

you’ll notice that people would come talk to you when you’re alone, they find it easy when you’re alone than when you’re in a group. Travelling alone is the easiest way to make new friends. All you need to do is smile and start a decent conversation.


10. Above all, be yourself 



Do not pretend to be someone you’re not, don’t try to fit in or try acting normal. Just be yourself with confidence, have fun and own it. If you think people would judge you, let them, don’t care about them, you’re not going to be in touch with more than half of them ever in your life. Only one thing for sure, you won’t regret doing this. ;).