BY Amisha Singh

Yes, hotels are luxurious and they do make you feel like a king, but it’s only good when you are on a business trip or all you want is to spend time in your hotel but if you want to explore and have zeal to travel then hostel are the best. Don’t you believe us?  Here’s the proof –


  1. Hotels are expensive :

Hostelavie Mecleodganj


There’s no doubt that hotels are way too expensive, it’s all cool if you’re not paying for it or extremely rich but living in a  hostel is a wise choice if you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket.


  1. Hostels are homely :

Hostelavie Leh

We are not saying that you’d be feeling homesick or something but hostels will provide you with the feeling that you’re home when you’re exploring the other side of the world whereas if we come to hotels, they’ll make you feel like a guest.


  1. You meet young crowd there :

Hostelavie Mecleodganj

Now, who do you think cover most of the hostel? The young crowd of course! They’re young; broke but god they have a zest for travelling and seeking new experiences. You would surround yourself with young minds and their passion. What’s better than that?


  1. Hostel staff is really friendly :

Your hostel staff will be really caring because unlike hotels, they want you to come back and they would make a strong connection with you, they’ll do everything possible to make your stay amazing. Hotels won’t really mind you come back because they’re going to get business otherwise.


  1. You share meals with others :

Enjoying good food and great friends

Hostels provide you with complimentary breakfast meals because of which people eat together just like the old school times. This leads to introducing yourself to new people and making friends.


  1. Hostels have nightlife

source- pinterest

Hostels have many fun activities and they party at night, people celebrate together and share stories and have fun. You won’t get this in a hotel. Well there nightlife is, Boring is the word we guess.


  1. Hostels can provide you with privacy :

It’s a big myth that hostels only have dorms. In fact hostels do have single rooms of you want privacy. That way you can socialise with people and as well as have enjoy your alone time.


  1. Communal rooms :

Hotelavie Mecleodganj

Hostel’s main purpose is to Help people find there tribe, so they have places where people sit together and spend time with each other.


  1. You get discounts :

Hostel barcelona

Once you become friends with the staff, they’ll help you a lot with their local connections, they help you get discounts and tell about places from where you could buy stuff at reasonable price.


  1. You soak yourself in different cultures:

source- tumblr

People from different nations come together at one place, you need a better reason than this to choose hostel?  You learn about their countries and hometowns. Their languages, their mentality and their lifestyle and what not.  It’s a great opportunity to learn about so many cultures at once.



Anyways, if you’re looking for some real adventure and a perfect mixture of cultures, hostel is at your service.