By- Amisha Singh

How about you go on an adventure alone this time?  Try it, believe me you won’t regret it.

You may hesitate a little in start but all you need is a small amount of courage and boom!  There you go.

There are many advantages of travelling alone, it turns you into a completely different person and you enjoy it a lot. Some of the reasons why you should do it are –


  • You are a free bird –



When you travel with someone, it binds you. You don’t really have the freedom because at one point of time you don’t want to ruin other person’s vacation time. But if you’re alone, you are the boss, you can do anything, be anything or go anywhere. You don’t really have to follow the itinary. In fact, after this trip, you won’t mind going alone on trips ever again. Would save you the cringe when others calls off.


  • You get more connected to your destination –

When you travel alone, you learn to stop and enjoy the view, there’s no hurry because you’re on your own. You appreciate that place more and you make memories of your own. You soak the culture and colours of that place. That won’t be the case if you’re with someone else because you are distracted half of the time.


  • You start appreciating solitude –

There were times when you never liked being alone, but once get over with this trip. You start to realise how important it is, it would provide you peace and a chance to not being described by other people.


  • You become more independent –


When you’re travelling solo, you become more responsible, there’s no-one else to take care of you. You have to book your hotel room, flights on your own . It makes you more independence and self reliant.


  • You make new friends –

As I said before, travelling alone is the easiest way to make new friends, you interact with locals and tourists you would find like minded people and sometimes they become your life time mates.


  • You gain confidence –

Once you get back, you have this crazy confidence and you’re filled with self esteem. You become more comfortable in your own skin. It turns you into a problem solver and  you feel like you you can do anything. Life doesn’t get easier, it’s just you who gets stronger.


  • You forget about your limits –

You push your limits, travelling alone keeps challenging you and you accept it. You get out of your comfort zone and try new things, interact with people and what not?  You do all the things you never imagined you could.


  • You’ll discover yourself –


This is the moment when you would likely to have self realisation and maybe you could find real meaning and purpose of life in this world. You become more compassionate and spiritual because of the surroundings .


  • You face your weaknesses –


Leaving for an adventure alone is an act of bravery itself because you have to face everything by yourself. It will force you to become a better person and get strengthen you.


  • You’ll get a travel bug for life –


Now, don’t think you’ll do this one time and you’d be done,  naah,  not happening, because this trip is going to make you fall in love with travelling and you would end up craving more of such experiences. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya! 😉